Core curriculum includes:

    • A deeper dive on key characteristics of white dominant culture in the workplace
    • How those characteristics impact recruitment, team dynamics, marketing efforts and performance reviews and ways to start mitigating it
    • How prized archetypes and norms in your organization promote and reinforce inequitable power dynamics
    • What solidarity in the office looks and feels like --and how to get started

    The details:

    • Two 75-minute trainings in addition to the free training (see next bullet). All will be recorded, but we hope you'll make it live!
      • Tuesday, June 18th at 2pm ET
      • Thursday, July 18th at 2pm ET
    • The first training in the series we ran for free on 5/23. If you didn't attend that introductory training you can watch a recording of it here before the Intensive kicks off. 
    • Two action packets
      • Curated selection of articles, books, research, podcasts, videos, and art to further your learning
      • Prompts and facilitation tips for taking this material back to your colleagues and creating real change

    + add on curriculum option

    • Below you'll see an option to purchase Whiteness at Work
      • In that package (in addition to the two core webinars) we're adding a 90 minute training (July 25th at 2pm ET) on white saviorism / white savior industrial complex and an accompanying action packet

    we hope to see you this summer, contact us if you have any questions!

    We strive to make all our programs as accessible as possible. If you have any needs or requests in order to fully participate please email us by June 10th so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

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